Cleto Reyes Cheek Protector Headgear Black

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Over 70 years ago, Mr. Cleto Reyes Castro set out to create the best boxing gloves on the market in his home country of Mexico. Fast forward to today Cleto Reyes is a globally renowned boxing brand that has solidified its mark as a top tier supplier of quality training equipment. 

You simply cannot have a conversation about the best boxing brands without including Cleto Reyes on the top of the list!   

Crafted with the Mexican spirit, their handmade equipment has been used by a number of world-class fighters including Manny Pacquiao, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto, and even the great Muhammad Ali. 

Cleto Reyes Cheek Protector Headgear Black
-Handmade in Mexico-
- Non-obstructive Design for Great Visibility-
-Top Rated Head Gear for Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai-
-Hook-and-loop Rear Closure-
-Long Lasting Cowhide and Latex Foam Padding-


Small: up to 21.2"

Medium: up to 21.6"-22.4"

Large: 22.4" and up.